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Shut Down T. Don Hutto! Urgent Action Needed!

This was originally posted as a MySpace bulletin from CrimethInc.; all CrimethInc. writings are subject to an anti-copyright. As in, anybody can post them anywhere for any reason at all. I did not write this.

In May 2006, the Department of Homeland Security opened its first prison for immigrant families 30 miles north of Austin. It is the first family detention center in the country to be based on the penal model, though plans were quickly made to build more.

The T Don Hutto facility holds men, women (some pregnant), children, and infants, none of whom have a criminal past. Administered by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the country's largest for-profit corrections company, Hutto lacks proper licensing and medical facilities, and has been proven to traumatize families.

WCCC Judge Gattis on TD Hutto vote: "Unless something jumps up and bites me, I will vote to renew"

Bite him. Before this Tuesday's vote!

Contact WCCC members and tell them to vote NO Hutto Renewal (See contact info below)

Their offices will be closed by now, but flood their voicemail and email boxes tonight!

Imprisoning people charged with no crime, while they await decision re. applications for citizenship and asylum, is NOT effective immigration policy, does NOT secure our borders, and has NOTHING to do
with patriotism. It is a corrupt means to enrich an already wealthy corporation by exploiting the weakest among us!

As partners in the contract for the most expensive method to effectively assure that non-criminal immigrants appear at their hearings, the Williamson County Commissioners Court (WCCC) exhibits a disregard for fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars during a national economic crisis.

This prison is exempt from any governmental regulation and has no government oversight—and a continuing record of abuses. With the lapse of the only outside (court-ordered) oversight of this facility in August of 2009 those risks are greatly elevated in renewal. (Article in March 2008 New Yorker provides a good chronicle)

Partnering with Corrections Corporation of American, with its less-than-admirable record of management, is a bad business practice and exposes Williamson County taxpayers to financial risks from poor management, bad employees, and external lawsuits—all of which are beyond their capacity to control. (See attached "Letter to WCCC re CCA Business Practices.)

Williamson County's reputation has been damaged as a result of a number of specific offenses relating to the operation of the facility, as well as its very existence. Contract renewal would affirm WCCC's approval of the disgraces of T Don Hutto and further damage our image locally, nationally, and internationally.

Evidence presented at the September public forum (which WCCC boycotted) stated that T Don Hutto's operation is probably a deterrent to future, clean, economic development in the area; renewal would send a very bad signal for the future of such growth; it is actually anti-economic development!

This proposal fails the simple "risk vs. benefits" of any business undertaking. The less than $16,000 monthly maximum that Williamson County collects under this contract cannot be reasonably argued to compensate for the negatives that exist.

WCCC has had a very rough record re. contracts to date; re-entering this partnership does nothing to convince citizens that WCCC has been learned anything from those previous costly contract mistakes.

Please Contact :

Judge Dan Gattis: ctyjudge@wilco,org (512) 943-1550

Commissioner Lisa Birkman: ( 512) 733-5380

Commissioner Cynthia Long: (512) 260-4280)

Commissioner Valerie Covey: (512) 943-3370

Commissioner Ron Morrison: (512) 846-1190

Phone, email, by end of business Monday and tell them NO to Hutto!
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