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Friends of Exile

Dear supporter,

The EXILE Infoshop invites you to become a “Friend of EXILE”!!! The “Friends of EXILE” programme asks that individuals or organisations contribute $5/month ($60/year) to EXILE in order to help us diversify the ways in which we receive income. In return, “Friends” will receive some yet-to-be-determined homemade stuff (t-shirt, patches, stickers, warm thank yous) and, more importantly help EXILE branch-out and rely less on the selling of things.

Support EXILE and help us:
* Expand our radical library
* Help us focus on community organising
* Maintain and upgrade our computers and internet space
* Ensure our shop remains as accessible as possible
* Keep the shopping out of the Shop and help us avoid becoming dependent on selling stuff
* Increase our monkey-wrenching and political sabotage

One of the primary objectives of EXILE’s collective is to maintain a focus on organising. We would like to focus on developing action groups focused on specific issues, organising more events, and supporting the work of other groups and individuals. Increasingly, we consider our space as more of an organising/free space - as opposed to a bookstore or some other kind of commercial space. Instead of selling books, EXILE wants to emphasize its lending library; an excellent and growing collection of radical lit.

So, we ask that you consider a donation of 5$ per month (60$ per year), payable in whatever way (except credit card or interact) you would like.

For info please email friends@exilebooks.org, or call the shop at 613.237.9270

Peace, Love & Anarchy,
The EXILE Infoshop Collective
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